Garment Printing with RCS Digital Printing

Printed clothing comes in many forms for many applications. Tshirt printing, printed hoodies, polo shirts, baseball caps, workwear & fasion etc.

Whether for pleasure or for a certain purpose, your printed garments have many an option. Garment vinyls, DTG, screen printing & embroidery are the main garment printing options at your disposal.

Due to so many options that the world of tshirt printing provides and potential customer requirements, we ask you to get in touch with your specifics so that we may provide you with the best quote possible.

What is Garment Vinyl and what kind of tshirt printing applications does it suit?

Tshirt printing & cut garment vinyl is an affordable method of producing simple block graphics and lettering. It is also very robust and generally will outlast the life of the garment itself when pressed correctly and using a suitable fabric blend.

Garment Vinyl or Heat Transfer Vinyl is available in various different finishes, effects and to suit many different fabrics. Poly, poly/cotton blends, nylon and cottons for example. Matt, gloss, fluorescent, glitters, the list of colour palettes is vast. Print & cut garment vinyls are also available which allow for full colour logos, badges and effects.

tshirt printing hoody polo dtg screen vinyl
Cad Cut high build garment vinyl provides a high end look and feel

What is DTG printing and what kind of clothing printing applications does it suit?

Direct to garment printing offers a quick and affordable solution to tshirt printing when full colour and short run prints are required. Utilising specially blended inks your image or graphic is printed directly on to the surface of the garment after having a pre treatment solution applied. This helps flatten the weave and produce a cleaner surface for the print to bond to.

Whilst this method provides a soft feel and vibrant print, they tend to fade more over time than other methods. Although, this can be a desired effect when producing vintage designs. DTG is generally only suited to full cotton fabrics.

dtg printing garment printing printed tshit
DTG printing for full colour printed garments

What is Screen printing and what kind of clothing printing applications does it suit?

Screen printing is a printing method uses an special UV print to initially create a mask for a particular colour in your design. This produces a fine mesh in which the ink is pushed through using a tool called a squeegee. Every colour in your design requires a different mask or screen to be made. Once done, the screens can be stored and utilised multiple times. After that the register of each colour is checked before going on to printing your clothing.

Due to the processes involved in screen printing there are initial setup costs to produce the screens and therefore this method is suited to longer run orders.

Interested in the history of screen printing? Feel free to wander over here for a read and to learn more.

screen printing tshirt print
Screen Print close up

What is Embroidery and what kind of clothing printing applications does it suit?

In its simplest form, it is the method of using a needle and thread to stitch or sew a pattern in to a fabric. Although modern machines use mutliple thread bobbins and colours in an automated process allowing for complex designs and relatively quick production.

Embroidery provides a robust finish and also adds a professional finish to your brand or company workwear or fashion items.

Like screen printing there are setup costs involved in order to convert your artwork in to the special file type required for the machines. Therefore suited to longer production runs. We are happy to produce one offs but they are not a cheap option.

Interested in the origins of embroidery then feel free to have a read through an article we have found for you over at wiki.

embroidery embroidered
Embroidery close up

For your quote or advice please use the contact us page. Supplying as much information as possible along with any associated images or artwork will aid us in providing the quickest response and most accurate quote or information we can.

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