Brochure Printing & Ordering

Creative brochures offer numerous applications – Product & company awareness, technical data, educational aids & much more

printed brochures saddle stitch perfect bound
Custom printed brochures from RCS available in numerous formats and finishes.

Ordering your printed brochures

Brochure Printing from RCS is available in a range of sizes and configurations. A6, A5, A4 sizes etc. Also a variety of page capacities. RCS brochures are available on a range of premium stock from 80gsm, 170gsm, 250gsm upwards. Furthermore, finishing choices of matt, gloss and soft touch laminations are available and even special finishes like embossing and hot foiling.

Due to the variety of options available, please send us your folder printing enquiry / requirements using the contact page here or email us directly and we shall get back to you with your quote or advice as required. Please include as much information as possible regarding your requirements in order for us to provide an accurate and comprehensive pricing / details as we can. Cover and inner pages gsm / finish, any lamination to cover, number of pages inc 4pp cover, size and orientation and type of brochure / booklet. Saddlestich, perfect bound, hardback etc.


printed brochures saddle stitch perfect bound
Brochure types include saddle stitch (stapled), perfect bound (glued), wiro bound(rings) and even casebound for the serious

Target your audience accordingly with brochure printing

Creating brochures are like other forms of marketing tools such as flyers, leaflets and business cards etc. Create something that is suitable for your target clients and not just something you like the look of. That doesn’t mean your brochure shouldn’t be visually appealing but make sure they are clear, easy to read and contain all the relevant information required.

Company & Brand Continuity

Brochures are not just a product catalogue or spec sheet. They are part of your company brand and an advertising tool. Keeping your business colours and styling consistent throughout your marketing allows others to identify with you more easily. Allowing potential clients to become familiar with your brand and more likely to show interest.

printed brochures saddle stitch perfect bound
Brochure layout and design play an important role in their effectiveness

Clarity – Brochure Layout

Be creative but don’t get carried away as things may become clutterd. Keep the number of font types and page layout structure similar throughout. Allow space between images and text in order to let things breathe. Use quality images that relate to the information. Nothing worse than spending all that time and money on your brochures to have them spoiled by pixelated graphics.

Cover pages are a great opportunity to get creative. Choose a suitable design and scheme that fits the desired image you wish to portray. Try to incorporate your company logo and brand colours to acheive a consistent brand identity where possible.

Cover pages are a focal point and should catch the eye and / or convey the message you are wishing to put across. If it is a new contact point then making it clear what you are offering in the way of services or products is a good idea. Sometimes even simple images can provide enough imformation without having to be studied in too much detail.

Looking for some inspiration then feel free to wander over here to our friends at LucidPress where you may find some tips and creative brochure layouts to assist you on your journey.

RCS are here to help!

Think a custom folder could be of use to you, your brand or your company? Get in touch with any questions you may have about our brochure printing or quotes you may require.

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