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Poster Printing

RCS Digital printing is your one-stop-shop for all your digital printing needs – with show-stopping marketing materials that will help promote your business or brand with style and flair. Creating something that will make your brand stand out and really showcase your unique identity and selling points. One of the quickest – and most efficient – ways this can be done is by taking advantage of our poster printing services.


What Is Poster Printing?

Poster Printing covers a wide range of sizes and options - which can be customised based on the marketing needs of your business. This makes it one of the more versatile options, equally ideal for promoting events, sales, products, or more general marketing. In terms of the different types of posters, the easiest way of dividing them is by using the different size options available.

A1 Posters

The A1 posters are the largest posters we offer here - making them great for outdoor marketing, especially in high foot traffic or visibility areas. Some of the most common usages we see for our A1 posters are bus and train stations, shopping centres, and entertainment venues.

A2 Posters

A2 Posters are ideal for making an impact and covering a large surface area - whilst still being an appropriate size for an indoor environment. Making them great for university halls, GP’s, and any situation where you need to alert people to urgent information in an impactful manner.

A3 Posters

A3 Posters are a great option for those looking for posters that can be displayed around an office or place of business. Whether that’s your own, or somewhere you have the requisite permission to display materials. This size also makes them ideal for combining striking graphics and bulleted information - perfect for events, concerts, and venues.

A4 Posters

A4 are the smallest posters we offer here at RCS - measuring in at 210 x 297 mm. This makes them ideal for informative handouts or bulletins that are designed for close reading.

Benefits Of Poster Printing

One of the key benefits of using poster printing for your marketing is that it offers an accessible and affordable option that can work for businesses and events of all sizes and budgets. By using poster printing services you also benefit from both impact and visibility. Because they can be placed around areas of high or relevant foot traffic, or distributed directly to your audience, you’re guaranteed to get the eyes you need on your marketing. And with the potential for bold and brash designs and eye-catching visuals, you’ll be able to make an impact. Finally, poster printing services also enable businesses to directly control their audience and ensures they have their attention. If someone is reading a poster, they’ll be in an ideal position for a call to action to have an immediate effect.

At RCS we offer a wide selection of poster printing services that will be sure to boost your marketing and promotion efforts - to find out more get in touch with us today!