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Sticker Printing

RCS Digital Printing offers sticker printing in a vast variety of options to suit almost every requirement. Printed stickers are a fun and popular item used for labels in food, packaging and every other aspect of retail you could think of.

Stickers can be used for advertising your business when applied to jobs or products that you have provided. Printed stickers can be used for fun, like bumper stickers and can be applied to cars, laptops, fridges, mobile phones and anything that stays still long enough for you to stick one to. They can be used as identification tags, convey important data or instructions or used as security labels. Printed stickers from RCS Digital Printing can be an affordable solution, can be customized easily and applied to numerous purposes due to the many types of materials and adhesives available. This makes them a popular choice for businesses, brands and individuals alike. Sticker printing is available in various shapes and sizes including round stickers, square stickers, rectangular stickers and with contour cutting more intricate and custom shaped stickers. Various sticker materials are also available for sticker printing depending on the use and include self-adhesive stickers with standard permanent adhesive backing, low tack or removable stickers, high tack stickers for surfaces with low friction and also adhesive free stickers such as static cling window stickers. Finishes can include uncoated and kraft type papers for organic artisan labels and brands, gloss, matt, foils for metallic stickers and more. Sticker printing finishes mentioned above provide numerous varieties of impact and use depending on the situation. Gloss and matte finishes are a stock go to for many as they are simple to produce and generally tend to be the cheapest to purchase. The gloss creates a shiny finish and adds impact to vibrant graphics. Matt finishes can be introduced with the use of lamination. Laminated stickers add extra durability, abrasion and chemical resistance and UV protection. Printed stickers can be supplied on sheets, rolls and even individually. Roll stickers, roll labels or labels on a roll are usually used in manufacturing, labelling and packaging but are not limited to these uses. Roll stickers can be set up for manual or automatic application and add additional material types including polypropylene stickers. Perforated stickers or perf cut, are printed stickers that are individually cut out stickers that make great promotional items to hand out at events or with orders. Stickers do not only need to be small items either, but stickers can also be used for printed signs and vehicle graphics too. Sticker design plays an important role in the impact your sticker has. It can also be a tricky process so should you have any doubts as to artwork requirements or would like design assistance then please email us prior to ordering so we can help show or advise how best to go about it. If it all seems a little daunting then RCS Digital Printing offers a design service for all products including sticker printing.