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Corporate organization combined with a creative flair to provide the ultimate presentation folder for your needs.

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Custom presentation folder printing with RCS Digital Printing. 400gsm with matt, gloss & soft feel lamination options.

Ordering your presentation folders

Our folder printing is available in a range of sizes and configurations. DL, A5 and A4 sizes. Also a variety of gutter capacity ranging from 3mm to 30mm. RCS presentation folders are printed on a premium 400gsm paper. Furthermore, finishing choices of matt, gloss and soft touch laminations are available and even die-cut business card slots.

A choice of single or double-sided folder printing is available as well as single or double sided lamination. When opting for solid ink coverage across creased areas, we recommend lamination to help avoid cracking.

For help visualizing you folder printing options, you may take a look at our glued & interlocking folder guide below.

RCS Folder Guide

Due to the variety of options available, please send us your folder printing enquiry/requirements using the contact page here and we shall get back to you with your quote or advice as required, usually within an hour.

Why printed presentation folders are an important part of your business stationery

Whilst the basic function of a folder is to organize papers and such, they can be used in many ways. Folders are a great way to keep loose documents and notations together in a clean professional manner. They are, however, not limited to just this purpose. Printed folders can help to create a positive image of your company. After spending the time and effort on your branding you want your office supplies to follow suit and leave a lasting impression.

Promote your business using custom printed presentation folders

Type of artwork to feature on the cover of your folder?

Custom printed presentation folders provide a large area for you to promote your brand or business. Choose a suitable design and scheme that is fitting of the desired image you wish to portray. Even better if it incorporates your company logo and brand colours to achieve a consistent brand identity.

The front page is the initial focal point and should catch the eye and/or convey the message you are wishing to put across. Or, if it is a new contact point then making it clear what you are offering in the way of services or products is a good idea. Even keeping it simple with images can provide enough information without having to be studied in too much detail.

As a portfolio gallery to showcase your work, leaving the more detailed info on the inside. The main thing is to catch peoples attention and have them interested enough to be curious about finding out more about you and your company.

Build Confidence

Using previous customer reviews and projects may give the reader confidence in you and what you do. Potential customers quite often check for previous reviews before making a purchase.  So make it easy on them and put the information right there to hand in front of their eyes. Mention any accreditations and show if you are certified by any appropriate organizations to provide reassurance.

Represent yourself in the way you want to be seen

A quality media stock used for your folder is essential. Not only does it help exude professionalism but it means the folder is substantial enough to make sure whatever is inside, stays inside.

Showing you are prepared to invest in your company helps others feel they can too. Adding lamination adds an air of luxury and also adds extra durability. As an important marketing tool, your folder may perhaps contain important documents and the last thing you want is to lose or damage them.

Printed folder using glued construction for the most demaning situations

Additional features such as as business card slots self contained in your folder add a professional image and also saves you routing about or having to carry your cards elsewhere.

Business card slots for self contained communications

Printed folders for presentations or meetings

Printed folders are great for organising your papers for meetings and presentations. They help minimize stress or confusion as everything is in one clutter free place. Handed out to clients or staff they aid and include them, helping them to follow and engage with your presentation more easily. Allowing to take notes and clearly see what is on offer.

Potential new clients?

Presentation packs made of printed folders are a great way to provide potential clients with everything they need to see if your products or company is right for them.

Make sure all the information is clear and concise and relevant to who the target reader is. Technical jargon may be suitable for some but if not, can be very off-putting and may have a negative impact on potential clients.

What should you put in your printed folders?

The benefits of folders are they can be customized to suit your needs. Add brochures or leaflets of new products or services that may be relevant. Product data and technical specification papers. DVD or CD containing previous works or digital renderings of technical projects. Contact details via custom business card slots. Possibilities are vast.

RCS are here to help!

Think a custom folder could be of use to you, your brand or your company? Get in touch with any questions you may have about folder printing or quotes you may require.

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