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projecting signs

signage exterior signs 3d letters sign trays standoff projecting
Rutland Cake Company branding solution – Dual layer acrylic sign mounted with chrome standoffs

What is Signage?

Signage is a broad term and encompasses many areas of signs and advertising. Shop signage relates generally to anything that visually conveys a message to an audience. It can be used to promote, advertise, provide a warning, directions and more.

projecting sign
Simple projecting sign using a black base with contrasting white vinyl cut lettering. Following their branding whilst making it easier for people to find them at their roasting HQ.

Ordering your 3D Signs

Signs and shop signs from RCS are available in a range of formats and configurations. Sizes, colours and materials are vast and will depend on your end vision and requirements.

Due to the variety of options available, please send us your signage enquiry / requirements using the contact page here and we shall get back to you with your quote or advice as required, usually within an hour. More complex and larger projects may take more time.

A use for Signs

Advertising & marketing rely heavily on visual cues as sectors are in great competition with one another. Eye catching signage may just help you gain an edge over your competitor. Signs, whether indoor signs or outdoor, can entice potential clients. Not only it is more interesting to the eye than a plain area or building but also conveys a message of professionalism.

Common uses include directional signs for building complexes like hospitals and universities. Facilities like toilet directions, street signs. Company and brand logos in various formats.

Sign trays provide a value base to create your signage and can be as simple or complex as desired. From simple coloured vinyl cut lettering, dibond lettering, 3D and illuminated lettering combined with printed graphics. Projecting signs provide easy recognition. Freestanding signage at entrance ways adds extra class and professionalism.

layered acrylic logo
Ruff & Tumble brand colours continued on to their sign out front to make finding them easier. Base acrylic panel with detailed contrasting cut acrylic logo & mounted with chrome standoff pins.


Creating a brand or company image is not limited to just your stationary and office supplies. Your branding should follow through to your premises and trade stalls etc. People become aware and identify with a consistent brand over time and so having suitable signage allows easy identification whether with high street stores or event stalls. Standing out in a crowded environment is key.

cut acrylic lettering with partial vinyl application
Mirror acrylic cut lettering / logo complete with vinyl backed accents
acrylic sign with dual layer and applied with standoffs
Angle showing the chrome sign standoffs

Contact us today for further information on shop signage or for a custom quote tailored to your specific needs.

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