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Business Card Printing

RCS Digital Printing offers business card printing in a variety of options to suit many situations. Printed business cards are a popular promotional item used for promoting services offered, providing contact details for after sales and a general handy greeting or introduction on first meetings.

Business cards are an affordable solution and can be customised easily, making them a popular choice for various requirements including introductions, services offered, aftersales support, offers, promotions and much more. Printed business cards from RCS Digital Printing also allow the recipient to keep / store information and contact details in a compact and easily read format. Printed business cards are available in various formats such as folded and rounded corners etc. Sizes for business card printing are generally a standard 85 x 55mm finished size. Various card weights are also available for business cards depending on the use and include 300gsm, 350gsm, 400gsm and 450gsm. There are exceptions to this such as loyalty cards where a 325gsm uncoated stock may be preferred. Plastic business cards may use a stock thickness of 500micron or 760micron for example. Triplex business cards can range from 862gsm to 920gsm. Finishes include uncoated, silk, gloss, matt, spot UV, pearlescent, kraft, foils and more. Business card printing finishes mentioned above provide numerous varieties of impact and use depending on the situation. Silk or gloss finishes are a stock go-to card for many as they are simple to produce and generally tend to be the cheapest to purchase. Gloss creates a shiny finish and adds impact to vibrant graphics. Matt finishes can be introduced with the use of lamination and even a soft touch version which adds a luxurious, tactile velvety feel to the cards. Silk finish business cards find their home between matt and gloss. Spot UV business cards use a sturdy 450gsm stock with matt lamination. An ultraviolet gloss varnish is then applied to targeted areas to create a unique and impacting finish and is available in single or double-sided spot UV options. Pearl or pearlescent business cards provide a stunning shimmering finish that catches and bounces light. These cards are suited to designs that use lighter colour palettes or lots of white space. Artisans will be drawn to our eco-friendly 300gsm Brown Kraft paper business card printing option. These cards are printed on brown kraft card that is naturally coloured using cocoa shells for an environmentally friendly recyclable card. Brown kraft business cards are the ideal choice for cool artisan businesses with a unique, organic vibe. Minimalist designs with black ink are best suited to these cards, but colours can be used but remember they will be muted and vary in tone from a CMYK print on white media. These cards are ideal for loyalty cards or personalised cards to go in with orders as they can be written on or used with stamps. Business card design plays an essential part in the impact your card has. It can also be a tricky process, and therefore RCS has a template page to make things easier for the client if they do not have in house designer and want to design their business cards. If you have any doubts as to artwork requirements, then please email us before ordering so we can help show or advise how best to go about it. If it all seems a little daunting, then RCS Digital Printing offers a design service for all products including business card printing.