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Compliment Slips

A lot of the time when it comes to marketing and promotion—it’s the personal touch that makes a difference. This is exactly what compliment slips, printed courtesy of RCS Digital Printing, can provide. All of the slips we print are professional, well-made, and sure to project an image of quality and care to all who receive them. Everyone loves to be complimented—and equally, everyone loves to receive a printed compliment slip made by RCS.

Compliment Slips

Compliment Slips


What Is A Compliment Slip?

A compliment slip is a small piece of paper or card that is handed out alongside other items or printed materials—this includes orders, brochures, and mailing items or marketing. Compliment slips can serve a number of different purposes depending on what’s printed on them. They can offer a personal touch with a thank you or personalised note of gratitude addressed to the recipient, or compliment slip printing can be a great way to alert people to promotions or sale items you have to offer. A compliments slip will also help to amplify your brand identity by displaying your logo, contact details, and any other appropriate branding or iconography.

What Do We Offer

We offer bespoke and personalised compliment slips that can be designed to match your needs and specifications. Whatever message you want to convey, and whatever graphics you wish to use, we’ll have them printed on high-quality 120gsm smooth white paper to give you the professional look and level of quality you need. As standard, most compliment slips will include your logo, any taglines or calls to action you regularly use, and social media and contact details.

Benefits Of Including A Compliment Slip

A compliments slip is viewed by many businesses as something of an afterthought—thrown in without much consideration, or simply ignored entirely. But, these businesses are missing out. As a rule, businesses should take any opportunity they can to improve and expand their marketing and to build their brand identity, these slips are capable of doing all of this and more.

Brand Promotion

There’s a simple art to promoting your brand—make sure your logo, graphics, taglines, and marketing are seen by as many people as possible. These slips can be a great way of achieving this. Whether they’re alongside an order or mailed items, you can guarantee that the person on the other end will look at the slip.

A Personal Touch

Even if it’s something as simple as a small thank you or a message of recognition, help to put a personal touch on your products and make your customers feel valued. This isn’t just good branding, it’s a great way to help ensure you get return customers or word of mouth referrals.

Put that personal and professional touch on your orders and brochures with a compliment slip from RCS. If you'd like to learn more about the printing services we offer, feel free to get in contact, here.