What is Business Card Printing?

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Networking is, always has been and always will be the key to success in business. No matter what you do or how you do it, a robust network full of useful contacts can help you to increase your chances of success. Yet, when you attend a networking event and meet a potentially useful contact with whom you could form a business relationship, how do you get them to remember you? Why, by offering them your business card, of course. Even in the digital era, a business card is a crucial tool in engaging with new contacts and prospective clients, and our business card printing services have been designed to help you with the process of creating your perfect business card!

It goes without saying that your business card says a lot about you and your enterprise. The design, size and materials of your business card can play a key role in forming that all-important first impression in the minds of new contacts and prospects. With a wealth of business card printing options, you have total control over the kind of first impression you want to give.

We’re often asked, ‘what is business card printing?’ and ‘what types of business card printing do you offer?’ As such, we decided to take a look at some of the many business card options we provide and their inherent benefits. This will help you to make an informed decision as to which is best suited to you.

Gloss finish business cards

A glossy finish on a business card can really make the design pop, especially if it uses vibrant colours or photographs. Actors, for example, may wish to add a glossy finish if their card’s design also includes a headshot. This can make your business card stand out amidst the competition.

Matt finish business cards

Alternatively, a Matt finish business card can lend your business image a more clean,  modern and sophisticated look. They are also glare-free and won’t show fingerprints. Recipients can also write more easily on matt finish cards than glossy cards. Perfect for designs that use more subtle colour palettes. 

Embossed business cards

Embossed business cards can lend your brand a sense of gravity and prestige, especially when combined with foil printing. They are inherently high quality and can begin to create positive associations with your brand. Perhaps this is why embossed business cards often help to improve retention rates. 

Soft touch business cards

We are a visually oriented species, but when we encounter something that delights the other senses as well, we tend to remember it. As well as producing a velvety finish which is pleasing to the eye, soft touch business cards have a comforting and finger-print resistant feel to them. 

Spot UV business cards

Spot UV is a shiny layer that’s added to selected areas of your card design to help them stand out. They will be raised slightly and glossier in texture. Perfect for emphasising memorable design flourishes like your artwork or logo. 

Silk business cards

Silk business cards are among the highest quality cards on the market with a luxurious look and feel. They’re perfect for anyone hoping to create a brand that is synonymous with luxury or prestige. 

Pearl Glitter business cards

Pearl Glitter business cards have a dazzling, eye-catching pearlescent finish that can help your card to stand out from the crowd and lend your design a vibrancy that’s perfect for artists, designers and other creatives. 

Brown Kraft business cards

Finally, Brown Kraft business cards are eco-friendly and made from 100% recycled paper stock. While they tend to be unassuming in their appearance, this makes them perfect for businesses that want to put sustainability and eco-friendliness at the forefront of their brand identity!

business cards

Our digital printing services are not limited to just Business Cards. We offer a wide variety of digital printing solutions, and for information on any of these services, or anything mentioned in this blog post, feel free to get in contact here.

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